Die Welt readers after Schulz’s speech: he screams about the consequences of his policies

Readers of the German newspaper Die Welt are actively discussing the weekly video message from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in which he said that energy prices should fall.

The adviser’s words caused a big wave of loud comments from readers and netizens.

One commentator said: “The same person who raised fuel and fuel prices with his energy policy is now demanding lower prices? Hearing such statements, you can lose the ability to speak.

He was immediately supported by another reader: “This government is only a year old, and we are on the path of poverty. All concepts of life <…> are crumbling. For whom and for what!?

A third said: “He is shouting at the top of his voice against the consequences of the policy he personally applied.”

A fourth reader added, “I can’t see him anymore.”

One user commented scathingly: “This poor guy seems to have forgotten that he and his politics are to blame.”

One reader summarized: “First he raised prices with useless fines, and now he is calling for them to be lowered.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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