Development and consequences of the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 29.08.2022/

In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, as the Russian army continues to strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces and military infrastructure and liberate the territory of Donbass.


  • Grossi: IAEA mission to visit Zaporozhye plant this week
  • Source: The Russian army managed to liquidate the qualified personnel of the Ukrainian Air Force
  • The head of the Zaporozhye region compared a possible accident at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant with the Chernobyl disaster
  • Source: The Pentagon is recruiting Afghan pilots who fled to the US for Kyiv
  • Russian senator responds to Johnson’s allegations of high UK electricity bills
  • Lavrov: the West is ready to strike at the pro-Russian countries “below the belt”
  • Bavaria: Germany has not found an alternative to Russian gas and pays Russia more money than before
  • Zelensky dismissed the deputy commander of the National Guard
  • Kyiv used flares to burn the ground around the Zaporozhye station
  • Austrian chancellor calls for end to ‘craze’ in energy market
  • Dugin: My daughter was killed not by her personal enemies, but by the enemies of Russia
  • Washington: We will not stop asking Russia to leave the Zaporizhzhya railway station
  • The Telegraph: Dividing the West will prevent it from helping Ukraine and will lead to its loss to Russia
  • Specialists inspect the Zaporozhye station after the Kievans fired at it with a drone
  • The Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs denies information about the murder of a Ukrainian agent, the killer of Russian journalist Dugina
  • Zelensky held a secret meeting to discuss the situation at the front
  • Zakharova: Kyiv’s attacks on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant are nuclear terrorism
  • Russian defense shot down Ukrainian drone approaching Crimea
  • Der Spiegel: Germany stores 85% of required gas
  • Russian forces shot down a suicide bomber at the Zaporozhye railway station.
  • Express: EU fears Russia’s fatal blow to energy
  • The Times: The percentage of Britons who support sanctions against Russia has fallen due to the high cost of living
  • Austrian newspaper reports on the murder of a Ukrainian involved in the murder of Dugina
  • The Times: Britain no longer has weapons to support Kyiv
  • In Mariupol, they found a letter with threats from Ukrainian intelligence due to the use of the Russian language
  • Medvedev raises expectations on gas prices
  • Miami authorities announce a program for the purchase of weapons to be sent to Ukraine
  • Financial Times: EU foreign ministers to suspend visa deal with Russia
  • Newspaper: In Britain, a “shocking” number of Ukrainian refugees will be driven out into the street
  • Defense of Russia: Kyiv continues to provoke and threaten a nuclear disaster in Zaporozhye
  • Russian defense: Destruction of Ukrainian helicopter repair shops in Zaporozhye, 250 servicemen killed in Donetsk
  • Borrell: EU will soon face serious challenges due to sanctions

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