Development and consequences of the Russian military operation in Ukraine /09.05.2022/

In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, as the Russian army continues to strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces and military infrastructure and liberate the territory of Donbass.


  • “Tuvan language” .. The secret of the connection of the Russian army in Ukraine
  • NATO strengthens its eastern flank with the arrival of new German soldiers in Lithuania
  • Germany will not supply weapons to Ukraine except in agreement with its allies
  • Peskov: Prime Minister of Hungary did not convey any message to Putin
  • Russia threatens to retaliate if EU freezes visa facilitation deal
  • The head of the Russian bank VTB on the assets of Russian banks arrested in the European Union: simply stolen
  • Zakharova: Rinzalo’s call for “change” in Russia is an invitation to violence
  • Hungary: We are not going to replace the Russian fuel suppliers of the Pax-1 plant with new ones
  • Borrell: A difficult winter awaits us, and the next six months will be decisive
  • RT film crew under fire from Ukrainian security forces in Zaporozhye (video)
  • Finland, together with Sweden and Germany, is investing billions to stabilize the energy market
  • The Washington Post: G7 proposal to cap Russian oil prices is very dangerous
  • Kremlin: Crisis with Europe will end in détente through negotiations, but not soon
  • Kadyrov announced a large-scale offensive of the Akhmat special forces in the Donetsk Republic
  • Schultz: Germany has long planned to abandon Russian gas
  • Ukrainian authorities ban female soldiers from leaving the country
  • Power outages in large areas of the Zaporozhye region
  • Defense of Russia: The Kyiv regime and its Western sponsors planned to seize the Zaporozhye plant in the presence of the IAEA mission
  • In response to Schultz.. The Kremlin: Gazprom is a reliable supplier of energy resources
  • Medvedev expressed indignation at Schultz’s words about the unreliability of gas supplies from Russia
  • Head of the Ukrainian government in Germany
  • 12 ships left Ukrainian ports as part of a food deal
  • Kremlin: Moscow is ready to negotiate with Kyiv on how to fulfill the conditions of Russia
  • Defense of Russia: More than 150 Ukrainian military personnel were liquidated in the Nikolaev region and dozens of equipment were destroyed
  • Salvini called on the European Union to compensate for the costs of sanctions imposed against Russia

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