Development and consequences of the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 01.09.2022/

In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, as the Russian army continues to strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces and military infrastructure and liberate the territory of Donbass.


  • Attempted landing of Ukrainian troops near the nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye, coinciding with the visit of the UN mission
  • Foreign Affairs: The emergence of NATO forces in Ukraine will lead to nuclear war
  • Finnish parliamentarian: Russia’s victory over Ukraine will be a blow to the reputation of the West
  • Matvienko: Russia has enough resources to win special operation in Ukraine
  • Istanbul Center allowed 4 new grain carriers to sail from Ukraine
  • Telegraph: Britain may seek help from the International Monetary Fund in light of the energy crisis
  • Pentagon: We have not yet provided Kyiv with NASAMS air defense systems
  • Newspaper: G7 finance ministers may adopt plan to cap Russian oil prices
  • US seizes plane of Russian energy company
  • Next: Ukraine needs more heavy weapons to confront Russia
  • “Who is behind this?”.. The Germans reject their foreign minister’s plan for the future of relations with Russia
  • Lithuania protested to the Charge d’Affaires of Russia in connection with his statements about Moscow’s response to Vilnius
  • Johnson leaves Schultz a will before she leaves
  • Finnish customs seizes euros from citizens leaving Russia
  • Newspaper: Russian citizens rented Zelensky’s villa in Italy
  • Poll: Majority of Germans support talks with Russia
  • Bulgaria is negotiating with Russia to resume gas supplies

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