Detention of a member of the organization "ISIS" Attack on the Pakistani embassy in Kabul

A spokesman for the Afghan Taliban government announced the arrest of an ISIS member involved in last week’s attack on the Pakistani embassy in the capital Kabul.

The attack, in which the embassy was shot at from a nearby building, sparked outrage in Pakistan and heightened tensions between the two South Asian neighbors.

During the attack, a senior Pakistani diplomat in Kabul stepped out across the lawn on the embassy grounds. He was unharmed, but one of his Pakistani guards was injured.

Responsibility for Friday’s attack was claimed by a regional branch of the Islamic State, known as ISIS, in Khorasan province and a rival to the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan.

ISIS said two of its fighters attacked “a renegade Pakistani ambassador and his bodyguards” while they were in the embassy courtyard. The statement does not provide further details.

The top Taliban government spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, announced the arrest of the suspect in a tweet on Monday.

Mujahid said the suspect was a foreigner and that the attack was jointly orchestrated by ISIS and insurgents, apparently referring to anti-Taliban groups in Afghanistan.

Without going into details, Mujahid wrote: “Some foreign circles are behind the attack and the aim was to create a state of distrust between the two brotherly countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August 2021 as US and NATO forces were in the last weeks of their withdrawal from the country after 20 years of war.

The movement created its own administration – the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

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