Destruction AllStars Update 3.001.001 Patch Notes Details are Out Now – June 23, 2022

Lucid Games has released a new Update 3.001.001 for Destruction AllStars. The following is a detailed overview of all the changes, fixes, and improvements implemented in the recently released version of the game. The Destruction AllStars Update 3.001.001 can now be downloaded, but the file size could vary depending on the platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

Event Challenge Widget

In the top left of the main menu screen, a new Event Specific widget will now appear.

  • Current details about the ongoing event.

  • The current week of the event.

  • Pressing down on the D-Pad to view the Event Challenges.

Event Challenge View

There are two views: Week & Community.

Week View

The Week view will display 7 challenges.

6 challenges per week and a 7th challenge that tracks the completion of all other 6 challenges in that week.

r/DestructionAS - [22nd June 2022] Rise Event Update & Launch
Community View

The community challenge is split into 5 targets. The community must complete all of the targets for the reward to become claimable by all players regardless of whether or not you contributed to the goals.

AllStar Pass

The new AllStar Pass for the Rise event will be launching on the same day as the Rise update, on the 22nd of June 2022 and will run for 6 weeks.

Pass Overview

– Premium AllStar Pass price: 500 DP

– Tiers: 50

– Total Items: 60

– Free AllStar Pass items: 19

– Total amount of DP earned if completed: 600

(This is for the Premium AllStar Pass, the free AllStar Pass will return some DP as well, but not 600)

r/DestructionAS - [22nd June 2022] Rise Event Update & Launch

Some of the available skins in the new AllStar Pass


Newly added content for our in-game store which will be released over the course of the Rise event.

  • Founders Pack

  1. Founder’s pack will show and be available for all players who played the game before the Rise event on 22nd of June 2022.

  • AllStar Pass Bundle

  • Weekly Featured Content

  • New character skins

  • New profile picutres and banners

Story Mode

Tw!nkleR10t’s Story Mode, Cat and Mouse, will be available for purchase on the launch of the Rise event, 22nd June 2022.

r/DestructionAS - [22nd June 2022] Rise Event Update & Launch

Blitz will remain a weekend-only event after free-to-play but will now be arranged in Seasons. **Please take a look at our Blitz blog here for more information!**Seasons last 7 weeks, with only 6 weeks of new content so for each of 6 weekends the player will have the opportunity to play blitz and earn rank and blitz-exclusive prizes. The 7th weekend will be an opportunity to practice and spend any remaining tokens.Each weekend has its own mini championship and the player has the chance to climb as high as they can in ranking for that weekend.Ranking-up is based on winning rounds and matches via a Ranked Points system (we call these points “RP”).

  • Winning a round earns one RP.

  • Winning a match earns 8 RP.At the end of each weekend your rank is reset and you can try to better yourself the next weekend.

Blitz Seasons

Although your rank is reset every weekend there is still persistence across the 6 weeks of a blitz season. This persistence takes the form of blitz challenges and a blitz-specific area of the shop, so trying your best and getting the highest possible rank you can does matter!Blitz challenges and this blitz shop are persistent for the whole of the 6 weeks of the season. The player has those 6 weeks to try and complete these blitz challenges and buy the content of the blitz shop.After those 6 weeks the content from that season is locked and not available elsewhere in the game.The blitz shop’s content is exclusive to blitz players because it can only be bought with Blitz Tokens, a new currency that can only be earned in Blitz.The Blitz row in the shop will contain 2 tiles;

  • One will let you preview content purchasable with Blitz Tokens

  • The other will let you preview content earnable by completing blitz challenges

r/DestructionAS - [22nd June 2022] Rise Event Update & Launch

Competitive Tokens

Competitive Tokens (CT) are earned through 2 ways.

Ranking-up in Blitz

Ranking-up earns you a base amount of CT, every weekend the player can earn 201 CT through ranking-up.

Completing Blitz challenges

As before, Blitz has its own challenges. These challenges are open for the whole of the 6 weeks and completing them earns CT.

Blitz seasonal content

The Blitz-exclusive seasonal content will include;

  • A collection of gold skins for all characters.

  • A collection of black skins for all characters.

  • Animated banners and avatars.

  • A new type of equippable item; glows. These are a visual effect that appear around the player when they are on the end of game podium There are only 3 glows and 2 are connected to Blitz

    • Reach Highest rank in competitive during the season

    • Reach Highest rank three times during the season

Blitz Profile Menu

Blitz will have its own page added to the Profile area. The Blitz area will feature a player’s competitive rank and statistics.

The theme for Blitz Competitive Season 1 is Androids and will feature Avatars, Banners and Skins specific to the theme that a player can purchase with their earned CT.

r/DestructionAS - [22nd June 2022] Rise Event Update & Launch

Blitz also includes a new customisable item.. Glows.

r/DestructionAS - [22nd June 2022] Rise Event Update & Launch

Glows will place a sparkling and glowing effect around the character. These visual effects only show up on the podium post-game. They can be selected and equipped through the character customiser.


Our newest game mode, Jumpshot will be coming during the Rise event on the 29th of June.

Here is how Jumpshot will play;

  • It’s played in 4 teams of 3.

  • One at a time, each of your team gets a Gear to carry and fill up by slamming and wrecking your opponents.

  • You have to bank your score by jumping through the point goal in the centre of the map.

  • Your Gear can carry up to 20 points maximum.

  • You can only carry the Gear for a set amount of time, and this is where your team mates come in.

  • Your team-mates can earn you extra time by slamming and wrecking the other teams. You start with 20s, they can top you up to 30s

  • The team that banks the most score in the match’s time limit wins.

  • You can run around on foot and not lose your Gear.

Other rules;

  • If you run out of time you lose your Gear, receive 0 points and the gear is passed to your team-mate.

  • If you get KO’d (in vehicle or on-foot) you lose your Gear and points, then it’s passed to your team-mate.

  • The order that you and your team-mates receive the Gear to carry is pre-set and shown in the top-left HUD.

More news on Jumpshot will come soon.????

Character Unlocking
  • Rise will feature Character Unlocking for new players. Returning players will keep their characters with no changes.

  • Unlocking is done by ranking-up. When the player reaches a predetermined rank they’ll earn the right to unlock any of the locked characters.Character unlock tokens are earned at these levels:

    • 20, 35, 46, 56, 65, 73, 81, 88, 95 and 100

  • Characters being locked will be illustrated through them being greyed out/padlocked throughout the UI. Characters are unlocked in the customiser.

  • Buying a Story Mode for a character also unlocks.????

Founders Pack

Founder’s pack will show and be available for all players who played the game before the Rise event on 22nd of June 2022.This Founder Pack features a limited set of exclusive content not available for purchase in-game.

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