Deripaska predicts strong opposition from Iranian-Americans towards US policies

Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska confirmed today in a message on the Telegram app that the US financial system will not be able to withstand the current challenges facing the US.

Speaking about the problems facing America, he referred to the current political and economic situation, external sanctions, military actions in the world and trillions of dollars in unprotected bank deposits in the US and said that “the Persians will not stand this.”

“The situation in America is very problematic,” he explained. “Reckless militarism, sanctions against anyone and adventurous military actions around the world have already cost this country almost 33 trillion dollars. The US will not be able to print more dollars for free, so they will argue in Congress.” How to slowly raise the debt ceiling.

The Russian businessman added: “There is a problem of about $17 trillion in unsecured deposits in regional banks. The Persians will not bear (the burden).”

He pointed out that the business sector and regional banks are facing serious problems and challenges after the US Federal Reserve raised the interest rate, and said: “When we hear about the problems of US regional banks that go bankrupt one after another, after the Federal the system has raised the interest rate to 5%, and the problems of American business that can afford to compete with China and Mexico are becoming painfully familiar.”

Global financial markets in general and the US in particular are in turmoil in light of concerns about the future of the banking sector, and this comes after the recent collapse of two banks in the US, namely Silicon Valley and Signature, while in Europe the bank “UBS” has a competitor, the main “Credit Suisse” had problems in Switzerland.

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