"Der Spiegel": German foreign and defense ministers call for an increase in the ceiling of military aid to Kyiv

The German foreign and defense ministers have demanded an additional 1.5 billion euros in arms supplies to Kyiv next year, more than budgeted for in aid to Kyiv.

Der Spiegel magazine, citing a letter sent to German Finance Minister Christian Lindner, said that the 2023 budget provides for almost 700 million euros in military assistance to Kyiv. In return, Foreign and Defense Ministers Annalena Borbock and Christine Lambrecht demand an increase for Ukraine to 2.2 billion euros. And that Germany, in the opinion of the two ministers, will be able to concretely and clearly show only through this budget that it bears the responsibility that its international partners expect from it.

The publication of the magazine indicated that at the beginning of the letter they sent to the finance minister, the two ministers criticize the fact that so far only 697 million euros have been allocated for the supply of weapons to Kyiv, and according to the ministers, Berlin’s international reputation also depends on it.

The magazine notes that it is not yet known whether the finance minister will go along with their demands, because in light of the energy crisis and government measures to support citizens and industry, finances (resources) in Germany are limited, and the finance minister has repeatedly called on ministers in the cabinet to save money.

Source: TASS

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