Demonstrations against the abolition of the right to abortion expand in the United States

Protests continued Saturday in the United States, a day after the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion and gave state authorities the power to legalize or criminalize it.

Dozens of people gathered at noon in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, protests are being prepared across the country, especially in states that banned abortion immediately after the court decision.

While abortion clinics in Missouri, South Dakota and Georgia closed one after another, Democratic-controlled states like California and New York have pledged to keep their territories open.

The protests began with the Supreme Court overturning a 1973 ruling in the case known as Roe v. Wade after a majority of its conservative judges found it to be “completely unfounded.”

As for President Joe Biden, who immediately condemned the decision as a “tragic mistake”, he said on Saturday before leaving for Europe that he knew “how painful and devastating this decision is for many Americans.”

On Friday, Biden urged Americans to defend the right to abortion during the midterm congressional elections in November.

In Missouri, where abortion was immediately banned, including pregnancies by rape or incest, protesters gathered in St. Louis outside the state’s last abortion clinic.

Source: AFP

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