Demand not to involve Cristiano Ronaldo in the game with Liverpool

DC United manager Wayne Rooney has expressed optimism about his former Manchester United side’s ability to score positively in their upcoming match against Liverpool on Monday.

Rooney said in his newspaper column: The Times: “If he plays like he did against Brentford, United will be beaten, perhaps worse than Liverpool’s top five last season.”

He added: “I don’t expect that to happen… But of course I don’t see Manchester United winning… But I believe there will be a reaction, maybe they will come out. with a draw or a one-goal defeat.”

Of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, he replied: “If I were (coach) Eric ten Hag, I wouldn’t involve Cristiano or Marcus Rashford as my main goal would be to add energy to the pitch.”

And he continued: “Manchester United’s inability to sign the number 9 player led to their great reliance on Ronaldo against Brentford, despite the fact that he did not train much with the team and needed time to prepare for the matches.”

Rooney concluded: “He (Ronaldo) has also made it clear that he wants to leave the club. I don’t know his reasons, but I already said he should be allowed to leave. He is a great player and he always scores goals. But Ten Hag’s goal is to build a competitive team.” Win titles in 3 or 4 years and thus recover with the help of young players.”

Source: “Agency”

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