Defense of Russia: Kyiv is ready to blow up the thermal power plant to blame the Russian army

Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the Russian National Defense Monitoring Center, said that Kyiv is ready to blow up the Krivorog thermal power plant, accusing Russian forces of creating an energy and humanitarian crisis.

Mizintsev pointed out that irrefutable evidence confirms the preparation by the Kyiv regime of another provocation to accuse Russian forces of destroying the most important elements of Ukraine’s life support and creating an energy and humanitarian crisis.

He stressed that Kyiv deliberately transferred its forces to the Krivorog thermal power plant and carried out a systematic bombardment of the northern regions of the Kherson region, provoking Russian forces to respond to the fires.

“It is possible that, without provoking the Russian armed forces to attack the thermal power plant, the Ukrainian Nazis themselves could have blown up the power plant and present false evidence to the international community that it was Russian troops who bombed the plant,” the report says. he added.

He added that if this scenario is implemented and thermal power plants are destroyed, the population of most of the central regions of Ukraine and hundreds of vital facilities will be left without electricity.

Source: RIA Novosti

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