Dancing in a nightclub. Hillary Clinton’s tweet in support of the Prime Minister of Finland (photo)

Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has supported Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who has come under fire after a video of her dancing with friends in a nightclub went viral.

“Keep dancing,” Clinton tweeted on Twitter, accompanied by a photo of her smiling and dancing in a crowded nightclub in Colombia in 2012 when she was U.S. Secretary of State, “Keep dancing,” pointing to the account. Marina, Prime Minister of Finland.

The Prime Minister of Finland quickly replied: “Thank you” with a heart symbol.

A video clip of 36-year-old Sanna Marin dancing and having fun with a group of friends and celebrities was leaked last week, sparking controversy.

Some considered it inappropriate for a person in her position to do so, while others defended her right to celebrate a special occasion with friends.

On Wednesday, Marin said in a speech during a party hosted by the Social Democratic Party in the city of Lahti, north of Helsinki: “I am human… and I also sometimes yearn for joy, light and fun in these dark days.”

“It’s special, it’s joy, it’s life,” she said. “But I haven’t missed a single day of work.”

However, she faced even more criticism after a photo was taken at her residence in July of two women kissing each other and pulling up their shirts with “Finland” written on their chests, so she apologized on Tuesday.

Source: RT+agencies

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