Czech President Vows to Support Ukraine Against Single Counterattack Attempt

Czech President Petr Bevel, in an interview with the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, said that Ukraine has only one counterattack attempt this year.

“I think Ukraine will only have one attempt to launch a major counter-offensive,” Bevel said. “So if it decides to do that and fails, it will be very difficult to find funds for the next attack.”

He also indicated that, in his opinion, the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian forces should take place within a few months, and the “window of opportunity” opens only this year.

Moreover, Pavel added, it would be difficult for Kyiv to get help due to “war fatigue,” with the Czech leader commenting that this means not only a lack of resources and the destruction of infrastructure, but also “fatigue” of Western countries supporting Ukraine.

The Czech President suggested that the United States may lose interest in sponsoring Ukraine as early as next year, and the decline in support from America will be followed by a similar decline from European countries.

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