Custom Maps In Fortnite May Soon Be Used To Earn Money For The Creator

The “Unreal Editor for Fortnite” will provide creators with “strong customization tools,” enabling them to build in a way that has never been possible, Epic Games announced on March 16. Now that the Unreal Editor and Creative 2.0 have been made public, Fortnite producers may soon be able to monetize the game in a completely new way.

Custom Maps In Fortnite May Soon Be Used To Earn Money For The Creato r_

On the Epic Games Dev Community website, it was mentioned in a post that was hidden from the general public that something dubbed “Creator Economy 2.0” was coming and that it would include “engagement rewards.” It would appear that soon, Fortnite designers would be compensated “depending on what gamers appreciate” on their unique islands.

The economic structure that pays Fortnite creators is rumored to be changing, according to information that first came from the Twitter account Krowe-moh and has subsequently been confirmed by Fortnite Creative News. Content creators have been making money for years with Support-a-Creator codes, which allow them to receive a modest commission on purchases made in-game using their code.

Yet “Maker Economy 2.0” might also be designed to reward those who take the time and pains to build out some of the most amazing personalized creations in the Fortnite universe. Talented developers will be able to create islands that have never been seen before when the beta for the Unreal Editor for Fortnite debuts on March 22 on the Epic Games Store.

Custom Maps In Fortnite May Soon Be Used To Earn Money For The Creator_

An unnamed screencap from one of Krowe-pictures moh’s reveals a distinction between Media Creator and Island Creator, indicating that the old Support-a-Creator model will be divided into a new structure led by the game’s top programmers and developers.

The post in the Dev Community claims that “UEFN” will let Fortnite developers:

  • Produce visual effects
  • Create games using Verse.
  • Create landscapes and fill up the surroundings.
  • Control rig and sequencer animation
  • Use World Partition to create more extensive experiences.
  • To work together in real-time, use Live Edit.

UEFN is the ultimate design package and will work with Fortnite’s current toolkit. We recently talked more in-depth about this future release.

The developers that take the time to fully develop their works and make them as valuable and enjoyable as possible will receive compensation from Epic Games. It’s feasible that Fortnite’s creators will get paid in exchange for ensuring player participation.

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, mentioned this idea last year:

We are constructing an economy. It will let creators establish businesses around their work and generate more money from the sales of their products as more people watch their material.

Although the specifics of how that would operate are unknown, the best creators in the industry should probably expect to profit from it. The UEFN unlocks creativity, and the most talented producers will undoubtedly produce some amazing games on the Fortnite platform.

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