Criticism of Liz Terrace, who accompanied King Charles III on his tours of national mourning

News of Prime Minister Liz Terrace accompanying King Charles III on his planned tours of the country drew criticism in light of Britain’s mourning for Queen Elizabeth II.

The British government stated that “the prime minister does not accompany the king and this is not a tour. She will only attend events” amid an ongoing controversy in which she has faced accusations that she wanted to use the occasion for political purposes.

And on Saturday, Downing Street announced that Terrace, appointed by the Queen on Tuesday as prime minister, “will join the King as national mourning spreads across Britain to attend events” in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The Guardian wrote that the idea “has drawn some criticism” due to suspicions that the prime minister is using it to achieve political prominence.

“I see how this helps Liz Terrace, but I don’t see how it helps King Charles,” wrote Henry Mance, a journalist for the Financial Times, adding that “the atmosphere of well-wishes seen yesterday outside the palace would be difficult to recreate if if he were a political official.” He is present and involved in everything.

The Prime Minister’s teams quickly calmed the debate, with Downing Street explaining: “It is not an obligation, rather the Prime Minister deems it important to be present during what will be an important moment of national mourning across the UK.”

The new king will visit the four counties of the country that are part of the United Kingdom after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles III will also first attend a “prayer and meditation” ceremony on Monday at St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, where the body of the Queen, who died Thursday, will be transferred to Balmoral Palace in Scotland.

On Tuesday, the new king will travel to Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital, to attend a similar ceremony at St Anne’s Cathedral. And then leave on Friday for Wales.

Source: AFP.

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