Criticism from Moscow over Washington’s stance on visa issuance to Russian delegates at the UN

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said the US position on issuing visas to Russian delegates to the UN is “unbearable and unacceptable” and that there is no progress in it.

The Russian Deputy Minister added: “There are no changes for the better in this situation. Americans have clear legal obligations as a host country in the UN, as a country that signed an agreement with the UN in 1947 on what to do in the conditions of ensuring the normal functioning of the UN.

He continued: “It is clear that since New York regularly hosts major events at various levels, people should get visas. They should have the conditions to work there (at the United Nations). This is arbitrarily violated by the Americans. We condemn “This is very serious. I consider the situation unacceptable. We have repeatedly drawn attention to this unacceptable situation both from the United States and from the leadership of the UN Secretariat.”

Vershinin noted that Moscow had applied to the UN Secretariat with a request to initiate arbitration procedures to resolve issues related to the issuance of visas.

He added: “So far, the arbitration proceedings have not been initiated. But we will get it. And it’s not just about Russia, there is a fairly large group of countries whose rights are mainly violated in terms of contributing to and participating in the work of the UN due to the arbitrariness of the United States, so it should not and cannot continue in the same spirit.

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