Criticism Abounds as von der Leyen Urges Beijing to Keep Russia in Check over Ukraine Crisis

Readers of the Chinese newspaper Guangsha criticized European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen after she urged Beijing to contain Russia and contain it in the Ukraine crisis.

One commentator wrote: “The so-called leaders of Europe have no political wisdom at all, this is a purely American echo.”

Another added: “Europe and the US are desperate to bring China down to the lowest level, they can’t get themselves out of the mud.”

Another commented, “This von der Leyen is getting ready to become a NATO anime general!”

Another said: “Europe helped the American father start the fire in Ukraine and continues to add fuel to the fire, and at the same time von der Leyen dares to blame China for not putting out this fire, and the consequences of our response will be” von der Leyen, you never use your brain.”

Another wrote: “Europe continues to support Ukraine with weapons and money, and then dares to ask China to seek peace in the Ukrainian crisis. Isn’t this a contradiction? Why do they think they are smart?

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will visit China from April 5 to 7, accompanied by French President Emmanuel Macron, but their programs will be different.

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