Cristiano Ronaldo Expresses Love for Saudi Arabia: ‘The People Here are Good and Love Football’

Cristiano Ronaldo Expresses Love for Saudi Arabia

Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed his love for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, believing that the kingdom’s people are “good and love football.”

Strong Match against Al Ahly

Ronaldo, captain of the Al Nasr First football team, said his team played a strong match against a strong opponent after winning (4-3) over Al Ahly in the Classico round match “We Dream and Achieve” First Stadium Park yesterday, Friday.

Match Analysis

In televised statements after the match, Ronaldo noted that “the match was strong for both teams and Al Ahly has high-level players.”

Ronaldo’s View on Team Success

Regarding his brace in the team’s victory and becoming top scorer, Ronaldo said: “I love playing and enjoy football, but what matters to me is the team winning.”

Appreciation for Saudi Arabia

Asked about the National Day celebrations, Ronaldo replied: “As I said, I love this beautiful country and I am happy here,” adding: “The people here are good and they love football. The league has developed and there are high-level players. I will try offer a lot.’ These people deserve better.”

Celebrating Saudi National Day

During the match, Ronaldo celebrated his goal by performing the Saudi Ardha dance, which coincided with Saudi Arabia’s celebration of the 93rd “Saudi National Day”.


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