Crash of Egyptian Stock Exchange Following Rumors of Cyber Attack

The management company of the Egyptian Stock Exchange reported that the trading system was temporarily stopped due to a technical failure, and work is underway to eliminate it.

In a statement, EGX management denied rumors of a cyberattack on EGX’s servers.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange said it is currently in communication with the Nasdaq Foundation team to resolve the issue and we will keep you updated.

The dynamics of the Egyptian Stock Exchange indices fell in the middle of Monday’s trading session, and the main EGX30 index fell by 0.25% to 17,696 points.

The EGX70 SMEs fell 0.29% to 3627 and the EGX100 fell 0.17% to 5325.

The market capital of the listed shares was £1.151 trillion, with Egyptian and Arab investors typically buying at net worth £43.6m and £2.96m respectively, while foreigners intended to sell at net worth around £46.6m. .

The total turnover amounted to about 1.03 trillion pounds, and the number – 570.5 million securities, executed on 41.4 thousand transactions.

And the indices of the Egyptian Stock Exchange today, on Monday, began trading with a collective increase, and the main index EGX30 rose by 0.14%, fixing 17,764 points.

Source: RT

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