Court Petition Filed by US Justice Department to Prohibit Trump from Disclosing Classified Material

The U.S. Department of Justice has asked the court to prevent former President Donald Trump from releasing any confidential documents that may be presented to him during his trial for keeping secret documents.

The ministry confirmed that it had filed a motion with the court on Friday, noting that the documents “relate to ongoing investigative activities” and could be used in cases involving others who have not yet been charged.

The Justice Department said the requested memorandum would allow Trump to view the 31 classified documents used in the case against him only in the presence of his lawyer, and Trump and the defense would not be able to keep copies of those documents or any extracts from them.

Notably, a federal court in Miami, Florida, filed 37 criminal cases on Tuesday against former U.S. President Donald Trump for allegedly storing classified documents, including national defense information, at his headquarters in March. a-Lago.

Source: “Hill”

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