Countries with the most millionaires…Arab countries among them?

Russia ranked tenth on the list of countries with the most millionaires or people worth $100 million or more, with no Arab countries on the list.

This is stated in a joint study conducted by the London-based consulting company Henley & Partners and the international agency New World Wealth.

According to the study, there are 25,490 millionaires per year, who are mainly owners of technology companies and multinational corporations, people working in the financial sector, and heirs of wealth. The study showed that the number of these people has doubled over the past twenty years.

The list included the United States as it was considered home to 9,730 millionaires owning more than $100 million, followed by China and India in second and third place with 2021 millionaires and 1,132 millionaires respectively, followed by the United Kingdom in fourth place with 968 people. ), followed by Germany in fifth place (966 people).

Switzerland (808), Japan (765), Canada (541) and Australia (463) are in 10th place (43 millionaires own more than $100 million).

Source: RT

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