Controversy Surrounding Santos Rerunning for Congressional Elections in 2024

George Santos, a controversial member of the US Congress, has officially announced his participation in the 2024 congressional elections, despite all the scandals raised around him.

Santos tweeted that he was “proud to announce his candidacy for re-election” and attached a statement announcing the start of his campaign and indicated that during his 100 days in office, he showed that he was a “legislator of conscience” and “loyal critic” of the ruling elite in Washington. Santos’ statement also included a link to a website to raise funds for his campaign.

The sensational story of Santos, who was elected to Congress in November 2022, broke out a month after he was elected, in December of that year, when the New York Times published a revealing article about a number of contradictions in the newly elected representative’s biography.

One such controversy was his claim that he worked for the well-known investment bank Goldman Sachs, which the bank denied, so Santos defended himself by saying that he worked for a company that “has a limited partnership” with one of its branches. these investment banks in the world.

The media then also reported that Santos orchestrated a credit card scam in 2017, in addition to admitting to providing false information about himself, including that he has a university degree and indicating that his mother is Jewish, whose parents fled from Europe during World War II. War.

In light of the revelations against Santos, there have been several state and federal investigations, but despite calls from members of Congress from both parties, Santos will not relinquish his membership in the House of Representatives and maintains that he does not, and that he does not violated laws.

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