Controversial Playboy Magazine Photo of French Minister with Designated Numbers on Chest

French Minister of Social Economy and Associations Marlene Chiappa has been criticized by prominent politicians for allegedly publishing photos and interviews with her in Playboy magazine.

The long-awaited issue of the magazine comes out on Thursday, and the 40-year-old young minister is reported to appear on the cover of the magazine in a white, open-collared, bare-shoulder dress, with the number 49.3 tattooed on her left breast. .

The French flag and the name of Playboy magazine also appear in the background of a photograph of dubious authenticity.

It is worth noting that the number 49.3 symbolizes the number of the constitutional article that French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born used on March 16 to pass a bill to raise the country’s retirement age from 62 to 64 without putting it to a vote in Parliament. This caused a wide wave of protests throughout the country.

It should be noted here that the minister’s photo has been circulated but has not yet been officially released, and there are many rumors that this is a “fake” photo.

In this regard, Minister Chiappa said, in response to a question from the Le Figaro newspaper about whether it was appropriate to choose this magazine for interviews in the light of the current circumstances: “I am not the mother of morals, but I ask myself the same question: why did he choose Playboy to advertise women’s rights?!!, it always contained all the common sexual stereotypes.

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