Consul General of Russia in Texas spoke about the difficulties of diplomatic work in the United States

Consul General of Russia in Houston Alexander Zakharov spoke about a number of difficulties faced by the work of the consulate in the United States of America.

In an interview with the Russian TASS agency, the Consul General said that the US authorities had requested, starting from July 1, 2022, that employees of the Russian Consulates General in the United States notify them of all movements of diplomats in 4 days, and after receiving the approval of the US State Department, you can – to go out.

Accordingly, according to the consul, an urgent departure becomes impossible, since it is necessary to wait for the approval of the American side, and the consul continues: “The need for such a departure often arises when some of our citizens on American soil face urgent problems, which creates additional difficulties in our work.” .

The consul added that the United States of America does not allow Russian diplomats to be present at the launch of a spacecraft with Russian astronauts on board to the International Space Station.

The consul pointed out that American business circles confirm that economic sanctions against Russia are fabricated, and the loss of the Russian market caused huge losses to American business, and American companies are ready to cooperate with Russia in all areas not subject to sanctions. , since Russia, despite sanctions, ranks third among Louisiana’s trading partners.

Source: TASS

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