Connections Between Ukrainian Special Services and Transnistrian Assassination Conspiracy Accused

The President of the Transnistrian Republic, Vadim Krasnoselsky, said that all those detained on charges of preparing his assassination are connected with the Security Service of Ukraine.

“The available information indicates that the terrorist operation was authorized and organized by the Security Service of Ukraine,” Krasnoselsky said in an interview with local television.

He added that “all those detained or wanted are directly connected to the Ukrainian security service.”

He pointed out that among the detainees was a citizen of Transnistria, who also has Moldovan citizenship, and the rest of the accused arrived in the republic as Ukrainian refugees.

The authorities of the Transnistrian Republic (Transdniestria), which announced its secession from Moldova after the collapse of the Soviet Union, prevented an attempt on the life of the President of the Republic, Krasnoselsky, and accused Ukraine of involvement in the operation.

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