Congress Passes Resolution Denouncing Russia’s Drone Incident in Black Sea

The results of the vote in the House of Representatives of the US Congress showed that the House approved a resolution including the condemnation of the Russian Federation in connection with the incident with the American MQ-9 that crashed into the Black Sea.

The resolution passed unanimously with the support of 410 congressmen who voted, and the document belongs to Republican Representative Brandon Williams and Democrat Jim Costa.

The text of the resolution condemns “reckless actions” attributed to the Russian military, asserts that the US will not stop using its drones in international Black Sea airspace, and states that the document is non-binding.

On the morning of March 14, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that an American MQ-9 drone had violated the borders of the zone of the temporary regime for the use of airspace over the Black Sea.

According to the agency, the plane was heading towards the Russian border in Crimea, where Russian fighters took off to identify the intruder.

The Ministry of Defense indicated that due to a sharp maneuver, the drone lost control, lost altitude and fell into the water, and the Russian Ministry of Defense emphasized that Russian fighters did not involve MQ-9, did not use landing craft. weapons and returned safely to their bases.

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