Concerns over Modern Russian Submarines Pose a Threat to the Norwegian Navy’s Commander

The TV2 channel reported that the Norwegian Navy has recorded an increase in the activity of Russian submarines, as well as Russian reconnaissance aircraft in the North Sea area.

The channel said it had received “a wide range of footage” from the Swedish Navy showing Russian submarines and aircraft in action.

The channel quoted Norwegian Navy Commander Ron Andersen as saying that the Russian submarines Severodvinsk and Yuri Dolgoruky could pose a threat to strategic facilities in the US and Europe.

He added: “These Russian submarines are modern and quiet, and they carry very modern missiles in their arsenal.”

The channel noted that the Norwegian Navy has increased its activities and readiness after the Nord Stream gas pipelines were bombed last year. Andersen said: “We are the largest supplier of gas to Europe and we take this responsibility seriously.”

The channel indicated that the Norwegian Navy believes that there is a “clear connection between the Russian naval presence and the Norwegian pipelines”, and also sees the existence of a certain pattern of movement of Russian submarines.

Source: TASS

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