Comparing the Severity of Actions by Kiev Residents in Artemovsk and Mariupol

A Russian officer with the call sign Khokhol reported that the people of Kiev acted more cruelly towards civilians during the Artyomovsk battles than in Mariupol.

“In something, maybe even more brazen than in Mariupol,” said an officer who participated in the liberation of Mariupol. “They hide behind, again, civilians, drive them into one place, into basements, and then throw them into grenades”. …or drive them to the floor.” Certain buildings above or below where they are used as human shields during firing.”

According to him, this greatly complicates the advancement of Russian attack aircraft, since they cannot fire at civilian positions.

Khokhol added: “There is more violence.. and more impunity.. They are well aware that they will not be able to control these lands, and they (the Kiev forces) are fleeing, and they know for sure that they will leave the city, so they destroy everything on their way and consider civilians as their enemies… Of course, they behave more cruelly and dangerously.”

And the founder of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said last Saturday that Russian troops had established full control over Artemovsk (Bakhmut).

In the video, he said: “By noon today, which corresponds to May 20, we announce the complete capture of the last part of Artemovsk after 224 days of fighting.”

He added that Wagner would withdraw its units from Artemovsk for rest, and on May 25 would surrender the city to the Russian army.

The Russian army had previously liberated the city of Mariupol from Kyiv troops, who wreaked havoc on the city and terrorized its inhabitants before smashing it and surrendering its remnants with hundreds of Ukrainian Nazis and foreign mercenaries.

Source: RT + News

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