Compare the fate of the people of Egypt and Turkey.. Jewish rabbi: The children of Israel sang songs because they saw it "divine justice"

Israeli Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu compared the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria to the drowning of the Egyptians in the sea and said that the disaster was “divine justice”, drawing widespread criticism from other Israeli clerics.

According to the Time of Israel newspaper, Itamar Ben-Gvir Eliyahu, who is close to the Minister of National Security, believed that the natural disaster, which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people, “cleanses the world and makes it a better place.”

“There is no doubt that those who saw the Egyptians sink into the sea, and who did not remember the whole event from beginning to end, would be filled with great pity for them,” Eliyahu said in an article in Olam Katan. right newspaper. a religious weekly popular with Israeli hardliners. And they will try to save them from drowning,” adding, “But the children of Israel sang songs because they knew the Egyptians, and they understood that these drowned men wanted to kill some of them.” and continue to enslave the rest. They sang songs because they understood that there was divine justice here, aimed at punishing the Egyptians who drowned the sons of Israel in the Nile.

And I saw: “God is judging all the countries around us that several times wanted to invade our land and throw us into the sea,” believing that “everything that happens happens in order to cleanse the world and make it better.”

Ibrahim Stav, a well-known rabbi the newspaper writes about, said Eliyahu’s article “annoyed him all morning”, adding: the good news that every man is made in the image of God must be taken into account.” Rabbi Eliyahu, let us rejoice in these horrors.”

He said that the joy of the death of enemies should be riveted to the terrorists, “and not to the thousands of children who did nothing for us and who were crushed along with their parents.”

Twitter tweeted: “While you were watching the horrifying pictures of the aftermath of the earthquake, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu saw the same pictures and said to himself and his followers: This is good – the world is being cleansed.”

Another wrote: “This rabbi is an idiot.”

Another asked, “Despite what anti-Semites say and what people like Shmuel Eliyahu demonstrate, Judaism is not a hate religion.”

Source: The Times of Israel + RT

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