Company’s first response "Budweiser" After the announcement of a ban on the sale of alcohol in the stadiums of the World Cup in Qatar

Budweiser, the beer company and the main sponsor of the World Cup, announced that FIFA’s announced restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages near World Cup stadiums in Qatar are “out of the company’s control.”

A spokeswoman for the ABN Bev Group, the parent company that owns Badwires, said in a statement to Agence France-Presse that the company has been informed of the decision, acknowledging that some of the operations that were expected in the stadiums for this football event “This cannot continue. “

“As a partner of FIFA for over three decades, we can’t wait to launch our campaigns (2022 FIFA World Cup) around the world to celebrate football with our customers,” the spokeswoman added.

Qatar was a conservative Muslim country and has vowed to ease its enforcement of its laws during this global event, which starts on Sunday and is expected to draw over a million fans from around the world.

In early September, confirmations were released that beer outlets would open in close proximity to eight World Cup stadiums three hours before and up to half an hour before kick-off, and then return and reopen one hour after the final whistle. Non-alcoholic beer will be available at the stadium.

But the decision to ban sales near stadiums two days before the start of the World Cup came as a surprise.

Source: AFP.

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