Communication sites evoke Zhirinovsky’s words about Erdogan

Some channels in the Telegram application have published a video clip of the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky (1946-2022) and one of his controversial statements.

In the video, Zhirinovsky says: “I met Erdogan twice and talked to him, and he personally told me that he was ready to leave (NATO). This would be a very big blow to the alliance, because Turkey represents its southern wing. Without Turkey, (NATO ) there will be no wings. In the future, relations between Russia and Turkey may be even better than relations between Russia and Belarus.

Although the video refers to the period before the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, which put an end to the letters regarding the Union State (Russia and Belarus), the military union of the two countries, Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO that “Sweden should no longer wait for Ankara to take any steps in the framework of accepting Sweden’s accession to (NATO).”

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said earlier that Turkey had canceled the visit of the Swedish Defense Minister to the country amid recent events and the Swedish authorities’ permission for some parties to burn the Koran in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm, while the minister said that Sweden and Finland had not fulfilled their obligations to Ankara for NATO membership.

The Speaker of the Turkish Parliament also canceled the visit of the Speaker of the Swedish Parliament to Ankara, while the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Swedish Ambassador to Ankara to inform him that it condemns in the strongest terms the permission of the Swedish authorities to distribute a copy of the Holy Quran. in front of the country’s embassy in Stockholm.

Source: Telegram

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