Commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guard meets with General Secretary "Islamic jihad" He claims: The liberation of Jerusalem is at hand

Major General Hossein Salami, Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, met in Tehran with the Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, Ziad al-Nahala.

Major General Salami said in a meeting with Al-Nakhla: “The course of events in Palestine and the decline of Israel’s power, as well as their path to collapse and disintegration, is a path from which there is no return, and the liberation of Jerusalem is close by the grace of God.”

Salami added: “Today, the strength of the Palestinian resistance has increased compared to the past, and the resistance has shown by its potential and facts that it is capable of waging major wars.”

And he added: “Israel is gradually turning to some Arab countries to strengthen itself after the disappointment caused by America’s inability to support it.”

He added: “The clear evidence indicates that the Zionists are crumbling from within, and the Palestinian resistance may not even need a war to destroy Israel.”

Major General Salami stressed that “there is no doubt that the quick reaction of the Palestinian Islamic resistance to this crime shows that the Zionists will once again pay a high price for their crime.”

Source: RT+ Dowry

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