Cobra: A Japanese Animation Disappearing from Netflix – Say Goodbye to this Iconic Series with 31 Episodes

Cobra: A Japanese Animation Disappearing from Netflix

The Unusual Daily Life of Cobra

On September 14, Netflix will bid farewell to a monument of Japanese animation, Cobra, along with its 31 episodes. Created by Akio Sugino and Osamu Dezaki, this series follows the extraordinary adventures of Cobra, a man with a powerful weapon, the Delta Ray, replacing his left arm. Assisted by Armanoid, a female-looking metallic android, Cobra embarks on treasure hunts while battling space pirates.

Inspired by a French Actor

Cobra’s iconic face bears a striking resemblance to the French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. This anime made its debut in France in 1985 on Canal+, within the Cabou Cadin show. Interestingly, Antoine de Caunes, a French television presenter, wrote the lyrics for the French credits of Cobra.

An Upcoming Video Game Adaptation

Microids, known for reviving old classics, is currently developing a video game based on the Cobra anime for consoles and PC. The news of this adaptation was announced earlier this year, with Microids expressing their excitement about bringing the legendary anime to life in an immersive gaming experience. While further details are scarce at the moment, the Cobra game promises to be a thrilling adventure for both fans and players seeking a captivating universe.

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