Clashes Between Frankfurt and Naples Fans Lead to Injuries and Fires

Eintracht Frankfurt fans clashed violently with Italian security forces and Naples fans just hours before the match between the two teams scheduled for today, Wednesday, in the return leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League.

According to BN Sport and Football Italia, Eintracht fans in Frankfurt set fire to several cars, including a police car.

She pointed out that Atalanta’s Ultras joined the Eintracht fans in Frankfurt during the riots due to the hostile state with Naples.

She explained that the situation in the city of Naples had deteriorated, especially since the video of the clashes showed the destruction of entire cafes, in addition to the use of a large group of fireworks.

Eintracht Frankfurt fans traveled to Naples to attend the match, despite the ban on selling tickets to Frankfurt residents.

The ban, which was lifted for one day over the weekend, was imposed by the Italian authorities and then reintroduced due to clashes with Italian fans during the first match, which took place on Tuesday 21 February in Frankfurt.

Source: agencies

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