Citizens of Ukraine frightened by the speed of mobilization efforts, reports The Washington Post.

The Washington Post reported that accelerated mobilization in Ukraine terrifies Ukrainians who are not ready or unwilling to serve in the military.

The speed and aggressiveness with which Ukrainian officials are urging citizens to join the military registration and enlistment offices or to volunteer for military service is sowing panic among Ukrainians.

According to the publication, Ukraine needs more soldiers, and quickly, noting that although Kyiv does not disclose the numbers of its losses, field commanders describe them as large.

Many Ukrainians interviewed by The Washington Post feared they would be on the front lines if the conflict dragged on for another year.

One of the men told the newspaper: “We must come to terms with the fact that if the conflict continues for another year, we will all be in the army. I am 100 percent sure that sooner or later I will be called.” .”

According to the man, “his civilian days are numbered, especially in light of the counterattack that everyone is waiting for.”

And the Ukrainian media have previously reported that the Ukrainian authorities are deliberately arresting conscripts throughout Ukraine.

It was reported that military ambulances were used to transport mobilized soldiers to assembly points, as well as to issue summonses.

And the Ukrainian media indicated that Ukrainians avoid official recruitment for fear of receiving a summons at the workplace, which prompted military registration and enlistment offices to hand out summonses in crowded places.

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