Ciarto advises to question the liberal media’s influence on Ukraine’s position

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sjarto said that many of his colleagues on the sidelines of EU meetings express support for the Hungarian position, urging not to believe the liberal media.

“There is not a single meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union before which a number of colleagues do not come up to me and say: “Peter, will you hold out, will you not allow it?” I say, “Of course not.” Dude, can you?” Answer: “Peter, you know, there is an unstable political system, a grand coalition, the media and NGOs.” They say those magic words.

He added: “When I speak at meetings of the Council of Foreign Ministers, I immediately receive short messages with emoticons that they say (my speech) is beautiful. And then I listen to a colleague and I can’t believe my ears because he’s reading from A to Z… what someone has written from the mainstream.”

He stressed that such a situation should not “dissuade Hungary” from looking at everything solely on the basis of Hungarian interests.

He explained: “We do not want and cannot look at this situation through the glasses of America, Russia, Ukraine or Brussels. We can only study the situation through Hungarian eyes and from a Hungarian point of view.”

He continued: “Most countries in the world want peace, they want this war to end. This means that it is unacceptable to believe the liberal political and media world on both sides of the Atlantic, as they are trying to convince us that the whole world thinks the way we speak and hear or want to speak and hear here.” In Europe and the transatlantic region, because the world is much larger than Europe and the transatlantic region. And if we could look beyond this region, we would see that there is a huge and overwhelming world majority of peace advocates.”

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