CIA Director’s Covert Trip to Beijing Unveiled by Financial Times

The Financial Times cited five sources as saying that CIA Director William Burns made a secret visit to Beijing last May “out of concern about deteriorating relations with China.”

The newspaper said that in recent months, Washington has been pushing for high-level talks with Beijing in order to achieve stability in relations between Washington and Beijing.

“Intelligence Director Burns traveled to Beijing last month where he met with his Chinese counterparts and stressed the importance of maintaining open lines of communication across intelligence channels,” one of the sources said.

Earlier it was reported that US and Chinese Defense Ministers Lloyd Austin and Li Shangfu held brief talks, despite the fact that the Pentagon announced that the Chinese side was refusing to hold a meeting in Singapore.

A few days ago, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that China has taken a number of dangerous military actions in recent months against the US and other Western countries.

“Our aircraft flew in international airspace and conducted regular surveillance, and during one of these patrols, a Chinese pilot approached our aircraft dangerously close, and in recent months there has been a whole series of such actions against our patrols and patrols of our allies,” he added. Blinken.

Blinken said the incident illustrates the importance of opening direct and regular lines of communication between the US and Chinese defense ministries, and he regretted the lack of a meeting between the US defense secretary and his Chinese counterpart.


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