Chinese Prime Minister Urges US Cooperation to Avoid Suppression and Encirclement

China’s new premier Li Qiang stressed the need for cooperation between his country and the United States as they are “complementary economies” and criticized what he called “repression and encirclement.”

“China and the United States can and should cooperate. When China and the United States work together, we can achieve a lot,” Li said at a press conference in Beijing after the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress. on Monday, adding that “encirclement and suppression do not benefit anyone.”

He pointed out that the issue of the break in economic relations between China and the United States “exacerbates from time to time”, but it is not clear who ultimately benefits from this hype.

According to Li, the economies of the two countries complement each other, so the development of each benefits each other.

The Chinese premier stressed that the consensus reached by the top leaders of China and the United States during their meeting last November “should be translated into real policy and concrete action.”

Source: agencies

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