Chinese newspaper talks about the root cause of division and chaos in the world

The Chinese newspaper The Global Times stated that the contradiction between the decline of the United States and its mentality, which sees it as the world’s greatest power, is the root cause of division and chaos in the world.

The newspaper pointed out in the article that the crux of the problem was not what Moscow and Beijing did or did not do, but whether the United States and the West could overcome their fears of their decline.

Regarding the international system, the paper said the United States is the most prominent exponent of hegemony, while China and Russia “actually uphold international order, fairness and justice.”

She added that if the United States becomes hostile to China and Russia, it will “isolate itself in the world.”

Earlier, Peking University professor Xu Liang said that US foreign policy is aimed at destabilizing the world in order to maintain its hegemony, explaining that “the US today is a sick person who is desperately looking for a cure for , like a headless chicken, as if he can restore their health,” plunging the world into chaos.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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