Chinese newspaper: Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan could lead to dire consequences

The Chinese newspaper Global Times wrote that a possible visit by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan could lead to “terrible consequences.”

“The consequences could be dire not only for bilateral relations between China and the United States, but also for the stability of the entire region,” she said.

“Chinese authorities will be ready to respond to a possible visit by Pelosi to the island,” the newspaper added.

“China’s response will be comprehensive in the military, diplomatic, economic and social fields,” said Ou Yongping, director of the Taiwan Studies Institute at Tsing Hua University in Beijing.

The newspaper cites the opinions of military experts who do not exclude that China may decide to place barriers in the water area and airspace around Taiwan in order to conduct large-scale exercises, while experts indicate that Beijing may send fighter jets to intercept Pelosi’s plane. .

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives plans to visit Taiwan in early August “to offer US support for Taiwan.”

And if she makes this visit, then for the speaker of the US House of Representatives it will be the first in 25 years.

Beijing urged Washington to abandon plans for this visit, warned against taking measures to “prevent outside interference.”

Source: RT + Global Times

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