Chinese newspaper: Biden’s tour of the Middle East has failed and it will be nothing more than a photo shoot

The Chinese newspaper Global Times pointed out that the visit of US President Joe Biden to the Middle East is the first visit of its kind by an American president, during which he fails to achieve his goals and strengthen the authority of his country.

“It is the first time a US president is going on a tour of the Middle East, he is not able to achieve his goals and strengthen the power of his country,” said Ding Long, a professor at the Institute of the Middle East at Shanghai University of International Studies, in an article published in the newspaper.

Dean noted that the trip may seem very important because Biden will try to show the political weight of the United States in the region, but the achievement of this goal will be difficult due to the Ukrainian crisis, because “the global and regional geopolitical situation has changed dramatically.”

He added, “In the end, the tour will be nothing more than a photo op,” noting that this means “Biden’s doctrine of value diplomacy has failed.”

He believed that “despite all attempts to persuade the countries of the Middle East to take sides, their close cooperation with Russia and China will continue.”

He continued: “Therefore, the Biden administration is trying to increase its presence in the Middle East through visits and establishing deeper military relations in order to keep its fragile regime in alliance with the Middle East,” noting that the international energy crisis has greatly increased the strategic independence and confidence of oil-producing countries. such as Saudi Arabia.

Source: “Sputnik”

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