Chinese consul in Manchester rejects UK accusations of beating protester

China’s consul general in Manchester, Cheng Xuan, denied British accusations that he had beaten a protester in front of the consulate.

A Chinese diplomat told British Sky News, “I didn’t hit anyone. I didn’t let any of our employees hit anyone. The truth is that the so-called protesters beat the employees.”

Asked why the consul grabbed the protester’s hair, the diplomat said the protester was insulting “the country and its leader” Xi Jinping.

Cheng Xuan explained, “I think it is my duty. This is an emergency as this young man threatened my colleague. We tried to control the situation. I tried to keep him away from my teammates.”

The consul considered that the clashes were due to “the use of slogans with unacceptable and vulgar expressions.”

Notably, the UK summoned a charge d’affaires to the Chinese Embassy in London following a clash between Chinese consulate staff in Manchester and an opposition demonstrator on October 16.

The British side accused Chinese diplomats of attacking and beating the protester and filed a protest in this regard, and a number of deputies called for the Chinese consul in Manchester to be declared persona non grata.

In turn, the Chinese side accused the demonstrators of violating the integrity of the consulate and endangering the security of the diplomatic headquarters.

Source: TASS

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