China stresses need to respect Syrian sovereignty

China’s Permanent Representative to the UN Zhang Jun emphasized the need to respect Syria’s sovereignty and called for an end to the cross-border mechanism for delivering aid to Syria.

Commenting on yesterday’s vote on draft resolutions to extend the mechanism, Chong said, “The Security Council should set a clear timetable for terminating this mechanism as soon as possible, and we must respect Syria’s sovereignty, and aid through Syria should become the main channel for humanitarian assistance.” This is also reported by Xinhua.

He stressed that the cross-border aid delivery mechanism is a temporary mechanism based on the special situation in Syria, and reaffirmed China’s position of supporting the provision of humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people through the United Nations and the international community in accordance with the principles of humanity. neutrality and impartiality.

He noted that his country provides various types of assistance to Syria through various channels.

It is noteworthy that the aforementioned mechanism provided for the transfer of humanitarian aid to Syria through the Bab al-Hawa crossing on the border with Turkey without the consent of the Syrian authorities. The mechanism expires on July 10.

Western countries are calling for the continuation of the mechanism, and Russia is calling for the transfer of aid to Syria through territory controlled by the Syrian government.

Source: Sana

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