China: Most countries do not support the West and sanctions against Russia

Chinese Ambassador to France Liu Shai stressed that most countries do not support the actions of the Western alliance against Ukraine and will not join the sanctions against Russia.

“Most developing countries do not agree with the Western alliance regarding the Ukrainian crisis and do not support the imposition of sanctions against Russia,” the Chinese ambassador said.

He noted that the United States “is losing influence more and more, including in the Asia-Pacific region.” That is why the US wants to stir up divisions in the regional situation.

He stressed that “this is not in the interests of the countries of the region, but the United States is interested in maintaining its hegemony.”

“China’s position is consistent. Beijing has always advocated respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries,” he stressed.

“We also advocate taking into account the legitimate concerns of every country, including Russia,” he added, noting that “the root cause of the Ukrainian crisis was the expansion of NATO, which began in the 1990s.” “This is a serious problem for Russia’s security,” he stressed.

He continued: “Russia has several times invited the West to sit down at the negotiating table to discuss this issue, but the US and NATO have invariably refused.”

Source: TASS

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