China implicated in Iran’s ballistic missile program faces new US sanctions

The US Treasury Department announced new sanctions against individuals and companies from Iran, China and Hong Kong that it said were linked to “the development of Iran’s ballistic missile program.”

According to the ministry, the network of 7 people and 6 companies facilitated “the procurement of sensitive and important parts and technologies for key players in the development of Iranian ballistic missiles,” including the Iranian Defense Ministry and its subsidiaries.

Among the targets of the sanctions is the Chinese company Zhejiang Qingjie, which allegedly sold centrifuges and other materials to a company in Iran linked to the country’s defense ministry.

Sanctions were also imposed on several Chengji executives and Hong Kong-based Linghu Process Engineering Limited, which the US Treasury Department said was a shell company for a Chinese company.

Daoud Damgani, an Iranian military attaché in Beijing, who allegedly coordinates purchases in China for Iranian end users, was also prosecuted.

The sanctions deny people and companies access to any property or financial assets in the United States and prevent American companies and citizens from doing business with them.

This coincides with the unveiling of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps hypersonic missile, which it says is capable of penetrating various missile systems due to its high speed and high maneuverability with a range of 1,400 kilometers.

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