Checkpoints in Lebanon amid significant depreciation of the lira

Lebanese citizens have blocked roads in various regions of Lebanon in protest against difficult economic conditions and a significant depreciation of the lira against the US dollar.

Several protesters blocked the road in front of the Bank of Lebanon on Hamra Street to protest against the high value of the dollar on the black market amid army reinforcements in the vicinity of the bank. On the roads leading to the Banque du Liban, there was a suffocating traffic jam.

Tuk-tuk drivers cut an international road at a roundabout in Benin el-Abdah, at the southern entrance to northern Lebanon’s Akkar province, to protest poor living conditions and high prices.

Protesters also blocked the Al-Muhammar Road at the Nahr Al-Bared Bridge and the army intervened to resolve issues between passers-by and protesters.

Minibus owners blocked the southern entrance to the city of Baalbek in protest against the high cost of fuel and deteriorating conditions.

The moves come after the lira’s exchange rate registered a significant deterioration, as the (parallel) black market exchange rate this morning, Wednesday, fixed over 56,000 Lebanese pounds to the dollar.

Source: RT

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