Central Bank of Iran sells €300m assets deposited in Iraq

Today, Saturday, the Central Bank of Iran announced the sale of 300 million euros in foreign currency deposited in a bank account in Iraq through the local Nima platform for the sale of remittances.

A statement from the General Directorate of the Central Bank of Iran indicated that after holding successful monetary and banking negotiations with the Central Bank of Iraq, there have been new breakthroughs regarding the supply of hard currency on the Nima electronic platform, so after a year of halt, today (January 21, 2023) 300 units were offered. One million euros from the balances of the Central Bank was deposited in Iraq through the platform and it was sold directly, and that this process will continue in the coming days Al-Alam TV reported, Fares reported.

According to the administration report, merchants, thanks to this breakthrough, are now able to accelerate the pace of commercial and banking transactions through the balance sheets in Iraq in order to quickly and properly cover imports of basic goods, indicating that the breakthrough in benefiting from the balances of the Central Bank of Iran in Iraq came after successive visits of a commercial bank delegation.- An Iranian in Iraq in recent days and negotiate with the Central Bank of Iraq and one of its commercial banks.

It is worth noting that the Nima platform is designed to display foreign currency remittances to exporters and sell them to importers.

Source: “Mir”

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