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Carlos Queiroz’s first comment after Iran said goodbye to 2022 World Cup in Qatar


Carlos Queiroz, coach of the Iranian national team, commented on his team’s loss to Team USA on Tuesday with a free goal at the end of the group stage in the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar, saying “the dream is over.”

After the final whistle, Queiroz added: “The first half was for the USA and the second half was for Iran and the difference is that in the second half we didn’t score as we should have but the dream is over and now it’s time to think about the next step for Iran.” “.

Iranian midfielder Saeed Ezzatullah said after the defeat: “I am very sorry on behalf of our players that we were not able to get a chance to qualify to the next round.”

Adding: “Life and football will go on and this can be a good lesson for us, at least for young players like me in the future, so I hope our fans and people in Iran will forgive us and I’m sorry that’s all.”

The American team beat their Iranian counterpart 1-0 in a match that took place on the grounds of the Al-Tumama stadium.

Rating of the second group of the World Cup in Qatar
England and America advanced to the second group, the 1/8 finals of the World Cup, while Iran and Wales said goodbye to the World Cup.

The position of the second group after the end of the matches of the third round was as follows:

England team: 7 points.

Team USA: 5 points.

Iran national team: 3 points.

Wales: one point.

Source: “Wakalat”


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