Captured Ukrainian nationalist battalion commander: Most of our weapons were foreign-made even before the start of the Russian operation

Even before the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the captured commander of the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist SS battalion Medved testified that most of the weapons and equipment of the nationalist battalions were of foreign production.

Oleksandr Kravtsov told the Novosti news agency that during the siege of Mariupol, the national battalions began to have problems obtaining Western-made weapons.

“In the Azov battalion, there were only ULAs with foreign weapons. Javelins were not available to them, they only had Marine Corps units. Other than that, there were no foreign weapons, because the supply was limited by the blockade,” he said.

Kravtsov stated that one of the members of his battalion stabbed a prisoner to whom everyone else treated “normally”.

According to open sources, the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist battalion “SS Bears” is considered part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is classified in Ukraine as a “sabotage and sabotage unit”, and its members are considered in Russia as neo-Nazis.

Source: “News”

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