Canada to pay compensation for improper care of indigenous children

The Indigenous Peoples Association of Canada said the Canadian government will pay Canadian $20 billion ($15.5 billion) to Indigenous peoples for improperly funding their child care programs.

“The Aboriginal Association, the Government of Canada and the parties to the class action have reached a final settlement of $20 billion,” the association said in a statement. [كندي] Compensate discriminated Aboriginal children and families through the Aboriginal Children and Families Assistance Program. [الفيدرالي]”.

In addition, 19.8 billion Canadian dollars (15.39 billion dollars) will be allocated for repairs under this program.

It is noteworthy that the aforementioned association, along with a number of Native American children’s organizations, filed a lawsuit against the federal government in 2007, accusing the authorities of underfunding programs for indigenous children compared to similar children’s programs in all regions of Canada.

In 2016, the Canadian Court of Human Rights ruled that federal authorities discriminate against Aboriginal children. Ottawa tried to challenge this decision in court, but lost.

Source: TASS

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